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Locally Grown, Locally Known.


About Ideal 

Growing up Samuel Spellman (left) and Hunter Janes (right) quickly came to realize that their attention to detail was above the rest. With structure guidance and sound discipline, they understand how important proper maintenance and quality care is. ​At 27 years of age, both Samuel & Hunter realized their passion for detail could build a business beyond all expectations by bringing a quality detail service to you at your convenience. 


With this being Samuel’s second successful business, and Hunter already having his bachelors degree from UCF, they decided to team up and build a business that can bring professionalism and quality to a market that is lacking in both. A 15 year friendship thats evolved these entrepreneurs into a partnership, they are proud to bring Ideal Detail Service to Central Florida.

Our Mission

When we started Ideal Detail and Coatings in 2018, we knew that we wanted to operate on two pillars within our business, Quality & Convenience.


When it comes to quality we wanted to be able to offer our customers the best products on the market and utilize the best automotive practices available today. By partnering with legendary brands and experts such as ROAR Coatings, OptiCoat, McKee 37s, DIY Detail and so many others, our product line is simply second to none. As for convenience's sake, our team of customer service experts really understands how to put our customers first. Whether it is spending extra time with a customer to educate them on our product line or techniques, or simply being available when the customer needs us to be. Additionally, our ceramic coating customers can take full advantage of our mobile detail services which bring the highest level of convenience to you! 


We Are Full Service.

Ideal Detail and Coatings is so much more than your local car detailer. We offer the highest level of car care that spans across ceramic coating services, interior and exterior detailing services, carpet shampooing, machine polishing, and even an exclusive monthly membership to our mobile detail services.


Whether you're ready to protect your investment with a industry leading ceramic coating from ROAR ceramics or OptiCoat, looking to remove a lingering smell from your carpet, or just trying to return your vehicle to it's showroom shine, we've simply got you covered.


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